STOP the Food Shaming.

We’ve all gotten that phone call from a friend asking if you’d like to catch up over a meal.

Your first thought – how nice a conversation with an old friend would be!

But your looming second thought makes it’s way through – will someone make a comment about what I’m eating?

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This is can be a no win situation.

If you continue on track with your disciplined diet – peer pressure will begin from friends:

“You’re always so healthy.”
“Don’t you ever just order what you really want?”
“C’mon loosen up a bit. It’s going to be SOOO good.”
“What a health nut.”

You start to feel embarrassed and wonder why you came.

If you know in advance and shift your meals around to accommodate a night out where you can relax – this experience is not much better.

“Oh.. you’re getting that? That’s not what you’re supposed to be eating is it?”
“I thought you were supposed to be healthy.”
“Looks like you’re falling off the wagon! I knew it wouldn’t last.”

If you’re having trouble in either of these areas, you are NOT the problem.

You, in fact, are working hard to figure out what foods work for you, a body composition you are happy with and  a life that is healthy for you full of balance.

With planning and focus you succeed even through scenarios like the ones presented above. Peer pressure is everywhere, yet you have the power to ignore it and push forward with your goals.

Food shaming comes in all forms.

Making judgements about what other people fuel their body is no one’s business but yours. 

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