Kickstart your Double Unders with this Power Drill

Have you been working on single unders and ready to take your jump rope to the next level? 

The drill I want to show you is called the power jump. This is for you all out there trying to get some rhythm with your jump rope, or trying to go for that double-under that seems to elude us all. 

This drill is great to practice for 10 minutes each day to work on your explosiveness as well as just maintaining your height and a rhythm to your bounce.

You’re going to set up like you normally do the rope  in either hand and pulled behind the knee. All our jump rope standards apply; creating small circles with our wrists and keeping our toes up at the top of the bounce.  The power jump itself is three singles and one high jump.

Single. Single. Single. HIGH Jump.

After you’ve mastered that skill with singles, you can now speed up your wrist rhythm on the HIGH jump and give that double-under a try. You’ll hang in the air longer with the high jump giving your rope time to pass through twice. 

When you completed that sequence once with the double under on the high jump, try to string your sequence together for about a minute or so. 

As these link together, begin to remove a single and see if you can maintain your doubles now that you don’t have an extra single to buffer you. Continue till you get to all doubles!

 Try that out and see how your jump rope skill improves.

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