Can I Foam Roll Everyday?

Can I foam roll every day? 

  Sure. Why not? You can foam roll every day. 
 What I’d ask you is why do you feel like you need to foam roll every day? Does it feel like someone parked a truck on you? 
 Maybe you’re getting too much work or you’re under recovering.

What do I mean by ‘under recovering’?
You might not be giving yourself time to recover from your workouts. Your body needs adequate sleep, nutrition, and time to benefit from exercise. If you’re shorting yourself on one of those important factors or you’re targeting the same muscles too much, that could be an issue. So I’d be mindful of that. 
If you’re using a foam roller for a warm-up, and it’s a light tissue massage, no problem.  Or you use it similarly to cool down afterward. That’s great, keep it up!
But if you’re really trying to get in there every damn day and you’ve chasing the same knot or a nagging pain or something else is going on.
Talk to your coach. You might need a change in your programming or maybe it’s time to see a manual therapist, like, a licensed massage therapist or a chiropractor. 
Hope that helps.

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