Stay Hydrated During a Heat Wave

Let’s talk about how to hydrated and on track with nutrition and provide some resources if you are not prepared with some of these items.

💧💧 Hydration – Your water hydration levels for the day started yesterday.
But here’s a couple ways to stay hydrated because if you only drink water when you’re thirsty – it’s a bit too late.

– Start your day with a tall glass of water – preferably room temp.
– If you don’t find yourself reaching for water – set a timer ⏰ on your phone and take a swig
– Increase veggie 🥬 and fruit 🍓 intake!
**Fun fact – most veggie and fruit weight are made up of 90% water
– Whether you’re working out today or not – grab some electrolytes. (Stop at CVS and grab some!)

Eating can also be hard when Mother Nature turns up the heat. Here are a couple tips to stay on target with eating –
➡️ **Prioritize protein**

– Now would be the time I would recommend a clean protein bar. Check your ingredients for filler pieces like brown rice syrup, etc. The less ingredients the better, bonus if you can pronounce everything!

– Protein shakes (hydration and protein together!)
I pack my Poliquin protein (20g protein) PLUS 2 scoops of Bubs collagen Protein (18g) making my shake 48g of protein!
– Cold cuts – preferably nitrate fee (Applegate is a great company for that! Available at Market Basket)
– Grilled Chicken pre-made from market basket or Whole Foods always has pre-made paleo friendly grilled chicken.

Have questions? Ask away!
Stay 🆒 everyone.

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