Spice up Single Unders

Hey everyone, it’s Coach AB. This video is for those who are great or efficient at single unders. 

So, I will give you a few drills to elevate your single on our experience, trick your brain a little bit, and assign your limbs different tasks to make you a better jumping rope. So anytime we grab a rope, we’re going to make sure it fits us. So I have the speed rope here, I put one foot on the rope, and I want the handles to either come to my armpit or my shoulder a little bit more efficiently. The armpit is great. So to establish what a single under is, it is when the rope passes underneath our feet one time. So how we’re going to mix this up is we’re going to complete alternating single honor. So that is one foot, the ground, while the other is in the air, and you alternate as such, left to right, left, right, left, right. If that is quite difficult for you, you can begin by assigning one foot 10 single jumps and then alternate to the other foot with also ten single jumps.

One, two, right, pretend that’s ten and switch. That way, you’ll feel and eventually be able to do both feet and an alternating single under. So now, let’s take it to the next step. So we’re going to do split, single under, or one foot comes forward, the other comes back. So that looks like this. Just show you from the side. So you can see both feet are splitting, all the while my hands are meaning by my side and my small circle; nothing is broken from my normal single understructure. 

Now to take it to one of the hardest drills, you can do a crisscross. So we’re going to split this into different levels. So you have the first crisscross, where you  do a single under and cross. So that looks like this. Once you get a handle on that, you can start at level up to a crisscross, eliminating a single wonder. 

So try that out. See how it goes. Have some fun.

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