Mr Ds first 5-weeks

Good morning, everybody. I wanted to share some cool results with you on a client who started in late January named Mr. D. 

Last week, he did a rescan, an inbody scan after 36 days, just over five weeks. He had some tremendous results. So, in five weeks, he dropped 11.9 pounds and 9.7 of that was body fat mass, which is awesome. That’s a 3.2% shift in his body fat percentage, and we liked that. 

You can see this C shape got a lot shallower, That’s awesome. But we noticed that he dropped about a pound and a half of that weight he dropped was muscle mass, which we want to take a look at. 

Twelve pounds is a lot to lose in five weeks. 

Mr. D has an eight-to-one ratio, which is great. So anything over a three-to-one ratio I’m okay with. But I think we can do better right this early in the program and how he’s adhering to things. 

We’ve asked him to submit a food log so we can check on a few things to ensure the nutrition is squared away. If that’s not it, then we’re going to hunt down some other possible culprits and figure out why that muscle mass got dropped.  We expect muscle mass to go up a little bit in the first few weeks. 

Anyways, tremendous results in five weeks. If you have any questions, hit me up.

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