Maximize Glute Bridges

Hey, what’s up, guys? A lot of you are doing glute bridges now. So, one problem I see with glute bridges is that people are going through a long range of motion, thinking they’re getting more out of it.

So, you can do this off the bench of a coach. So you want to make sure your shins are vertical, and you’re good. There you go, so this is good. There’s nothing wrong with this. You don’t keep your feet flat. So, most people do this with the feet flat; she’s coming onto her toes to enhance the glute engagement. So that’s one modification. Let’s do this again because I don’t want you to do that. That’s an ad. 

Let me do it in the warm-up. Let’s do it wrong first, just a regular flat foot and a full range of motion. Just sit, and start on the floor. I want to ensure your shins because I don’t want to adjust your shins. That’s you can bring your feet for just a little bit. There you go. Okay, so let’s do it like this. 

What’s up, guys? Today we’re going to talk about Glute Bridge. Some good and some bad things people are doing on their own. Here’s a glute bridge off a bench; you can do this off your couch. Shed your bed, go ahead, and a B show us. And there’s nothing wrong with this; it’s great stuff. Good form; she’s coming through with her hips. We’re going to make some modifications. So one thing we’re going to have her do is when she comes to the top, she’s going to drive through the balls of her feet and raise her heels, enhancing the glute activation. 

The next thing we’re going to do is we’re going to reduce the range of motion. So come on, and she’s only going to dip down about two or three inches here. It’s subtle; she can go a little bit deeper than that, that’s about right, and then back up. So what it does is it keeps the pressure on the glutes; what happens there is she goes through a full range of motion. Go ahead down. Right about there, the glutes must disengage, and the quads jump in. Alright, we’re not trying to work the quads with this; we’re trying to focus on those glutes. 

The last modification we’ll give her is she’s going to tuck her chin to her chest and go ahead and bang out a few of those slower. Yep, a little lower range of motion. There it is right there. And that’s you’re going to maximize that glute bridge race. 

One final point, something you don’t want to do, you want to have a nice shin perpendicular to the ground to maximize that glute engagement. If your feet are too far out, go ahead and move your feet out, and that will be more hamstring. And if you bring them in, if you have the mobility to bring them in as she does, go ahead and do that. 

And now she’s back on her quads. She’s using your quads again. So, perpendicular Shin, 90 degrees to the ground. Come up onto your toes, and squeeze through your butt. Tuck your chin and only dip down about three or four inches. All right, I hope that helps.

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