Maggie had a very specific goal.

Prepare herself for the Massachusetts

Firefighter Physical Ability Test.

Maggie recapped how she did on her test and found so much more than just a program.

“On Wednesday I took the MA firefighter PAT and it was the top 3 hardest physical things I have ever done in my life. 

Without your workouts, guidance and mental coaching, I would not have been the slightest bit prepared. The workouts were so specific to each portion of the test. On one particular event (all upper body) people were gassed and the majority of females could not complete it. I killed it. 

Your knowledge of the body and functional strength are so much appreciated. I cannot express how willingly I would suggest and promote you as a gym for anyone preparing for such a physically challenging test. 

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Thank you to the CrossFit Mass team and all of its members for including me, the new girl from out of town.

Your hospitality, unconditional understanding and empathy, continuous physical and mental push are so valued, especially in these strange times. You have made me feel right at home and I cannot thank you enough.”

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