Intro to Front Squats – Where is the load?

Hey everyone, it’s coach AB here. If you have a problem getting into the front-right Position or completing front squats, this video is for you. 

So a lot of people when they are first introduced to front squats or have been doing them for a while, always say my wrists hurt, why does my wrist hurt so much. So when we go back to the basics of the front squat, where should the load be?

I have this PVC here to show you what’s what. So if I have the barbell, theoretically 1000 pounds up in my front RIGHT position, if the bar is more in front of me, and my wrists are down when I go to squat, I’m trying to keep that bar up, that load is going to be completely on my wrists. Same thing, if you start pretty well in the front rack position and go down but the bar begins to roll down and you’re keeping that barbell up as best as you can, the load ends up onto your wrists. So what we like to see here is to make sure the bar is stacked on top of your torso. How you can do that without flaring the ribcage too much, is to make sure that the elbows come up and in or out, it will cause as you can see, my voice is changing the bar depress into your throat, it’s uncomfortable, but it’s better stacked on your front rack. So from here, I go down, back up my wrists feel no pain, it is lightly resting on my fingertips. So if the bar were to come out, and I squat, it is completely stacked on top of my torso where I am strongest. So if you find that this is a hard position for you to get in, here is a very, very simple way you can work on it in your warmup, you can get the bar PVC, something super light, nothing crazy. Into the front rack from one elbow forward. Another elbow forward nice and slow, hold in that position for two to three seconds. 10 reps, then bring it onto your back. completely opposite. Bring the elbow forward without letting the PVC twist around you. Keep it on your back and twist out of between sets if you want. 

If you’re a member here at CrossFit Mass, please talk to your coach because we can evaluate you and see what better drills can help you. Your programs can be more personalized to what you need. So try that. Let us know what you think. 

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