In Body Scan

We’re here today to talk about the In-body scans that we do.

The in-body scans are fantastic because they give us lots of data to figure out where you are now in your health and fitness journey.

We measure not only your weight but also your skeletal muscle mass. We can also determine your body fat percentage and see how your lean muscle mass is distributed in your limbs in case you’re developing imbalances in your life or simply using a barbell too much. So, let us assist you in adjusting your programming to avoid injuries.

Another neat thing we can do with this data is get a great starting point for your macros and caloric needs. The machine looks at how much muscle mass you have and gives us your basal metabolic rate.

 So once we have that BMR, we can then take your activity level, add that to your BMR, and we’ve got an idea of your total caloric need for the day. Then we go back to that skeletal muscle mass number and figure out how much protein you need for the day. From there, we can back out from those numbers, find out how much fat and carbohydrate you need, and see what you run on. So it’s an excellent starting point for many good things, both in the gym and the kitchen. 

We complete an inbody scan every month with our clients. 

Come in, and get yours today so we can calibrate your workouts. 

Talk to you soon. 

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