Help! I want to add more calories in my day.

Q: I’m finding it hard to increase my food intake throughout the day. I’m already eating 2,200 calories worth of food but want to take it upwards of 2,700, but I’m already having trouble even thinking about eating more. 

A. If you happen to be keeping a food log, I would see if there is a higher caloric dense food you could replace something you normally eat with. For example, protein. If you eat a learner cut of meat, say a strip steak, try switching to a fattier type of meat like a ribeye steak because fat is more calorically dense. Adding a slice of Kerry Gold Butter on top of your steak gives the steak some extra flavor and helps towards your goal.

If you can tolerate diary, embrace full fat. Add cheese to your dishes or adding full fat yogurt to your daily caloric intake but try to stay away from flavored additives. Add berries to your full fat plain yogurt. 

If you aren’t eating a lot of starches – try adding a controlled amount into your meals. A cup of rice, white or sweet potato would be great to add in.

When making these adjustments to your meals, always make sure to take a moment to reflect on how you feel. Keep in mind not all of these alternatives work for everyone based on how their bodies handle certain food. Watch for digestive issues, bloating, or cognitive clouding.

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