Heart Rate M5 Morpheus

Hey what’s up guys, we’re back again, for the last in our series on heartrate monitors and your best training zone. What we’re going to talk about today is a piece of equipment that was developed by Joel Jamison, it is M5 Morpheus. And what this device does is it sets your heart rate for the day, it sets your zones for the day based on your readiness status. 

So Joel was having trouble with his fighters, they’re very well known to be a go-hard crew. So they’re always like trying to kill everything in their way and that’s not always your best bet every day, some days you need recovery workouts. So what you do with this is you actually put it on your forearm first thing in the morning, for about two minutes and it takes your heart rate variability and builds a profile for you of how well you’ve recovered from the previous day’s workout. And then you’re going to get a score of 1 to 100. And depending on where you’re on that score, you’re going to be either red, amber, or green. 
Green is like fully recovered, you’re good to go. Amber, you’re pushing things, you know, maybe you got to take it easy, maybe you need a little bit of a recovery workout. Red is like you’re smashed, you’re just cruising for destruction here, right, you need to take a day off, you need to tone things down a little bit. And that’s well and good, you know where you sit. But the real magic of this is, and you won’t see it here, but I’ll shoot a separate video of it this is going to actually display your heart rate for you as you’re working out as you wear it on your wrist. And it’s going to give it to you in numbers. But the numbers are color-coded. So if you’re trying to do recover, you want to keep the numbers blue. 
If you’re training to gain or build capacity, green is where you want to be, right that’s going to be a conditioning type mode for you that day, right? So if you came up green with your score in the morning, and you want to build your capacity go green, right? Red is going to be you’re digging a hole for yourself. It’s challenging, you’re really running hot. So the last thing in the world you want to do is have a red score first thing in the morning, and push red on this right? That’s when you’re gonna want to get a lot of blue on this thing is when you’re red in the morning. And what this does is depending on what you got for your score, it’s going to slide those colors those zones up and down, depending on your recovery score. 
So it does really all the thinking for you. You just have to do the score in the morning and then come around and follow the color, the appropriate color for that day’s workout if that makes sense. I hope that’s helpful. Talk to you later.

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