Balancing Styles of Exercise

Why is it essential to have a balance between all styles of exercise?

Many times, what we see is someone getting a lot of volume in a fixed pattern of movement like cycling or running. 

And while it’s good that you are out and exercising, things can get out of balance. 

Long-term imbalances can lead to overuse issues and even injury.

For Example, if you’re getting a lot of miles in running, you could become very quad dominant. Your glutes, your hamstrings, aren’t getting enough attention and use – especially for longevity. 

In the case of a quad dominant runner, the knees can become painful. 

In a cyclist, the hips get tight, and then the back gets cranky.

In either of these examples, you’re going to want to have some upper bodywork.

One thing that makes you a good runner is the ability to maintain an upright trunk for an extended time. 

Complaints about lower back pain, trouble breathing happen when that position starts to fail. You’ll need to do some midline work then. Abs yes, but also lower back and obliques. 

Does it have to be the most of the majority of their work? Not really, but you do need some to stay in so you can do the things you love, pain-free for a long time.  

I hope it helps!

people working out in a group fitness class


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