Elementor #35421

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Warm-up Bravo
5 min foam roll
5 min row (90% last 10 seconds)
Windmills 3 sec hold at bottom x5 each side
Cossack Squats 3 second hold x10 each side
X-band walk 25 feet/Swivel hips x5 es x2
Table rocks x10
TGU/1h OHS x5 each side
Bent hollow hold/Arch hold 30/30 x3
3.2.1 push-up/Star Plank 20′ hold x3
Team WoD:
Complete as many rounds of the following as possible in 12 minutes:*
Row 250m
Bear Crawl 80 feet
10 Sit-ups
*Switch partners every 2 mins

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