Bye Bye Brittle Bones! 🦴

Meet Beth

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In 2013 Beth had her first bone density scan. It showed osteopenia and an “Increased risk for fracture.”

Not good.

Beth knew she had to do something. She searched for a solution, but nothing seemed to work.

In the fall of 2017, Beth came to CrossFit Mass and met the staff and discussed her history, goals, and challenges. 

Collaborating with her coaches, they formed a plan, and Beth got to work.

Four years later, Beth’s most recent scan has shown tremendous improvement.

Her Bone Mass Density has improved from .7 to .778 and an 8.3% increase from her last scan.

Best of all, she is no longer considered to have “no increased risk for fracture.”

Bye Bye Brittle Bones! 👋

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