“Jokers Wild”
In 25 minutes

Partner Workout: Teams of 2-3.

Members alternate drawing cards from the team
deck. That athlete then performs a set of exercises based on the suit
and value on the card.

A-10 are valued 1-10. Face cards have a value of 10 but
the entire team must perform 10 of whatever exercise is associated with
that suit.

If any team draws a Joker, all athletes on all teams must immediately stop and
perform 10 burpees. Then all teams will shift one deck to the right of their current position.

Your score is the value total of cards in the
completed pile when the 25 minute clock finishes.

Spades- 100m Row
Club – Lunge 10 feet
Hearts – Push (push-up/dip/HSPU)
Diamonds – AG Walk 10 feet

DSC 5284 M 1
people working out in a group fitness class


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